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The Niall Cade Sextet

Comprised of some of the top, young talent New York City has to offer, this sextet is Niall’s primary platform for creating and defining a personnal musical language.  Featuring a mix of original compositions and arranged Jazz standards, the sextet’s repertoire combines the rhythmic and harmonic palette of the Jazz tradition, while mining the compositional principles and formal structures of Classical music.  This process seeks to provide each piece with a cohesive narrative, and creates challenging, but logical, spaces for improvisation and spontaneous dialogue.     

The Form and Functions Project

The Form and Functions is an ensemble that explores the classical composition tradition for ways to expand the palette of jazz improvisation.  By combining a string quartet with a saxophone trio, Forms and Functions is concerned with injecting improvisation and variation into a polyphonic texture that itself becomes the canvas for a solo.  It’s also an opportunity to explore the compositional language of some of my favorite composers: Bach, Beethoven, Ravel, Bartok and Stravinsky and meld their aesthetics and values with forms stemming from the jazz tradition.

Faux Pas Funk

Formed in 2014, Faux Pas Funk is one of Winnipeg’s most creative and exciting musical endeavors.  A combination of Funk, Jazz and World guiding them through intelligently-crafted and intricately arranged pieces.  Their electronic-infused themes, grooves and textures also create a unique canvas for some of Winnipeg’s finest improvisers.  A party band at its core, Faux Pas Funk has played a variety of events, including international festivals, underground showcases, and break-dancing competitions.  

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